360 Artist

The Emphasis Project: 360 Artist will help youth between the ages of 13 to 18 understand the proper steps to take when creating and releasing music as independent artists. Our program focuses on the business aspect of the music industry with an emphasis on how to properly protect and be compensated for intellectual property. Over eight-weeks students will spend four hours per week learning about recording, publishing, copyrights, streaming media and music distribution. Also, books, such as The Rap Year Book will be implemented into the curriculum to explore how to create influential music. Throughout the course of the class, students will collaborate on a music project that will allow each student to play a role that reinforces what they have learned. Students will choose between roles such as artist manager, writer, music publisher, and publicist. The final project will be creating and releasing a song onto streaming platforms.Each student is credited for the role they play in the production of the final project ( exp. John Doe -Artist Manager). In addition to the main objectives of the course, the students will learn cross-cutting concepts such as intercommunication, business etiquette and the power of group work versus an individual. Pre and post-assessments are administered to measure what knowledge was gained from the program. The final projects are produced alongside professionals to ensure the success of each student and provide them the experience of working with creative professionals. Guest speakers from the music industry will stop in to explain some of the struggles they faced when developing their careers and how they overcame those struggles.