Dope Love

Dope Love Casting Letter

Dear Reader,

My name is Jermaine Price and I am an Emmy Award winning producer for a nationally syndicated television show based out of Chicago. I also have a passion for giving back to the community and currently hold a position as board member for the Chicago based non profit organization Next Level Society.

Next Level Society was founded by Cyaira Adams to aid in the development of creative entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create a new society of driven, focus, and successful individuals. Providing affordable workshops, workspace and living space to those who have a calling for entrepreneurship. Our premier program is The Emphasis Project, a program offered to teens that exposes them to careers in the production industry and provides hands on experience.

We are currently in the pre-production stages of a docuseries title Dope Love. Dope Love will cover the challenges black men are faced with when they decide to live a life that has caused themselves and their families mental, emotional and often physical harm. We will also focus on how it feels to be a black male in the current societal climate. Usually in low-income neighborhoods jobs are scarce, and resources are limited, do they feel as if selling drugs is their only option?

How can one succeed in a society that feels as if they are not deserving of financial aid for higher education or employable because they have been incarcerated? Most importantly how does one succeed in a society that doesn’t even feel they deserve love? Black men are asking for a second chance from a society that never really gave them a first chance. Our goal is to encourage youth that this is not the journey to take, even if you believe you were not dealt a fair hand. Also, through this journey, you will see the desire for black men to be re-humanized in a society that has dehumanized them.

Do you have a story to tell? If you would like to be a part of the Dope Love docuseries please fill out the contact form below.

Thank You

Jermaine Price