Meet The Board

Next Level Society was created to aid in the development of creative entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create a new society of driven, successful individuals. Providing affordable workshops, workspace and living space to those who have a calling for entrepreneurship. While we aim to help all medians of business we pay special attention to businesses based around the arts. 

Our target audience is male and females between the ages of 13-24. As a new business we have decided to start with targeting the age group 13-18 first with an after school program and summer program. The company’s premier program is The Emphasis Project. The Emphasis project is a program offered to teens that exposes them to careers in the production industry and provides hands on experience. 

Each student leaves the program with industry standard work that they can begin a portfolio with. The program can range in weeks facilitated from 6 weeks to 15 weeks depending on what the final project is. In the past the final projects have been  photoshoots, live events and songs.

The program has been typically held at a Chicago Park District in which we have developed a great relationship with. Ultimately, Next Level Society will be an entrepreneur resource center geared toward the arts. Our plans to train entrepreneurs and freelance artists on business plan development and marketing allow the company to reach the second portion of the target market (ages 19-24). 

Millennials and generations after are moving more towards entrepreneurship and we will be the vehicle that guides them through the process.