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We always need and appreciate any helping hands we can get with day of set up and break down for events.

Artists often struggle to sustain a livelihood with their artwork. At Next Level Society, our goal is to change that by turning passions into sustainable businesses. We are a local nonprofit organization that centralizes the importance of bridging the gap between art and business for youth in economically distressed communities. We offer a series of innovative programs, workshops, and field experiences throughout the year for teens and young adults to build portfolio pieces and gain marketable skills. This work is extremely important to our community and depends heavily on the kindness of individuals and corporations like yourself. Our efforts within the community will advance even further with your company as our official corporate sponsor.

We need your support to help provide quality programs to teens in the Chicago area as we develop innovative ways to connect the arts to business. Our afterschool programs provide teens a safe environment to express their frustrations, dreams and thoughts about the world through the creative arts.  Your time/donation/sponsorship would help NLS fund field trip and events for teens in our program. 

Our field trips are multimedia experiences that allow students to learn through interacting with the real world of production. We took a group of students on a tour of NBC in downtown Chicago and they were able to see behind the scenes of the whole production process. One student expressed interest in becoming a director after hearing there are few female directors in the field. Another student was inspired by the technological aspect fo the field trip and expressed interest in becoming a broadcasting technician. 

Our goal is to motivate the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. Without your help this can not be possible. On behalf of all of our NLS Creators, our teens and staff we thank you very much for your support. 

"BLACK EXCELLENCE" photo behind the scenes.

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