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What We Believe

The rise in violence, lack of financial education, and resources in low-income neighborhoods has left many of the youth vulnerable to their environment. 

Gen Z and the generations that follow no longer lean toward traditional job security. They are creating new lanes through entrepreneurship. 

Learning how to be financially self sustainable is the best way to be a productive member of society.

Artist struggle to turn their craft into a sustainable career.


Next Level Society uses production to bridge the gap between art and business in a series of innovative programs, workshops and field experiences for Chicago Youth. Our mission is to educate and empower the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. 

Our Programs

The Emphasis Project provides hands-on experiences to emerging teen artists in real world projects. The students participate in producing a video and/or photo-shoot for a final project. They have guided lessons in wardrobe styling, videography, photography, and managing projects. Together the students create a vision for the project that represents how they view what is happening in their communities.

Collectively, everyone will learn and participate in the different aspects of producing a professional artist video and/or photo; however, on the day of the shoot the students will be divided into groups that most intrigue them about the project. Once the photo-shoot is edited and completed the photos will be sent in to a Chicago based magazine. Every student who participates in the development of the project will receive a copy of the work to begin a comprehensive diverse portfolio that can be used for career and college applications. The skills and projects that the students will develop will allow them to compete in a global market.

360 ARTIST helps youth between the ages of 13 to 18 years old understand the proper steps to take when creating and releasing music as independent artists. Our program focuses on the business aspect of the music industry with an emphasis on how to properly protect and be compensated for intellectual property. Over eight-weeks students will spend four hours per week learning about recording, publishing, copyrights, streaming media, and music distribution. Also, books, such as Influential Hip-Hop Artists will be implemented into the curriculum to explore how to create influential music. Throughout the course of the class, students will collaborate on a music project that will allow each student to play a role that reinforces what they have learned. Students will choose between roles such as artist manager, writer, music publisher, and publicist. The final project will be creating and releasing a song onto streaming platforms.



Introducing D.R.I.P.: A Red Carpet Event Celebrating Teen and Young Adult Talent, presented by Next Level Society. DRIP took place on August 5th 2023 at the esteemed Discover Credit Card Shine Bright Community Center.

D.R.I.P. is a unique gathering of artists with a focus on empowering and recognizing emerging artists, This event promises to be a platform where young visionaries can shine.

In addition to the captivating performances and interviews, D.R.I.P. offers a space for teen vendors to engage with their customers face to face. This unique opportunity allows these aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their products, build connections, and foster lasting relationships within the community.

The Discover Shine Bright Community Center, a renowned venue known for its commitment to fostering creativity and community engagement, is the perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion. Located in Chicagos South Side, the center provides an inviting and inspiring space that perfectly aligns with the spirit of D.R.I.P.

Next Level Society, a Chicago-based non-profit organization, is proud to present this event. With their dedication to bridging the gap between the arts and business, Next Level Society continues to empower young artists, helping them reach new heights in their creative endeavors.

That Harper Kid 2nd Annual Toy Drive SPONSOR

Linnae Harper publicly known as "That Harper Kid" is a professional basketball athlete who was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. She attended and graduated from Whitney Young Magnet High School known as one of the top players in the nation - winning 4 city championships and an undefeated state champion. 

Harper attended The University of Kentucky and graduated from The Ohio State University achieving many accolades in both programs. Linnae has much international experience winning seven USA Junior Olympic medals and competing abroad since the age of 16. 

In 2018, Harper played for WNBA Chicago Sky and continues to play at the highest level. In 2023, Harper was a part of the FIBA 2023 World Cup Gold Medalist team and has been a part of the WNBA Washington Mystics. Harper uses her professional platform and her unwavering passion for youth to enter the world of philanthropy establishing That Harper Kid 501(c)3 based out of the Southside of Chicago. 

That Harper Kid was established in 2019 with a vision to provide resources and opportunities to underprivileged youth in the Chicagoland area. We provide healthy and safe environments for our youth by establishing trustworthy and reliable relationships with local organizations that will allow us to impact the lives of many. Our mission is to educate youth on how to WIN EACH DAY through education, sports, and health.  

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